Month: January 2015

The Novel is Killing Me

Writing this novel is breaking my back. I’m considering shelving the project and starting something else, something completely different. I have to write about something worthwhile. If fiction, the story should be well told, entertaining, and change the reader’s life (even if just a wee bit.) Lofty goal.

Novel in Progress (NIP?)

I’m working on a novel based on some of the incidents in my memoir, The Girl Who Had No Enemies. The basic story I’m writing is about a detective who struggles to free her sister from prison for a murder the detective suspects was committed by her high school boyfriend (and father of her daughter), now a convicted killer. The man promises to close dozens of unsolved murder cases before his execution, but only if the detective interviews him. He suspects her child is his and wants to meet her before he is executed.

It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. It’s fun but real work to write out the story and plot line, work on character depth, scene construction, and structure, all while I’m outlining to keep focuses on where I’m going. I have about a hundred and twenty pages of rough draft and feel I’m about 1/3 to 1/4 of the way from the finish line.