Month: August 2015

Novel is still difficult

I have a couple hundred pages now. Things have changed. Some of what I thought would be difficult was easy, and some of what I thought would be easy became difficult. It’s a strange process, but I love the way a scene or narrative section will unfold before my eyes and issues will become complicated or will resolve in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

Writing a memoir is certainly different. But there is a crossover with fiction in using fictional tools to shape the story. I presented the material in my memoir in a way that produced turning points and falling and escalating dramatic material.

In a memoir, one cannot combine characters or fabricate scenes or dialogue. Fiction is liberating in that sense, but also intimidating because I have anything and everything to choose from. Memoir forces you to stick to the facts as best as you can remember them. You have a guideline, a sort of outline, to carry you through.