On December 12, 2015 my son died in a drug overdose in his dorm at the University of Charleston WV pharmacy school. My wife and I intend to work with Dr. K D Janda of the Scripps Institute in San Francisco. He has been researching a vaccine for heroin for years. Here’s part of a letter my wife sent to him on December 28:

My husband and I are so sad, grief-stricken, and also angry with the whole situation with our talented, smart, capable son. I always hoped the heroin vaccine would go to clinical trials so that Patrick would take part and eliminate this scourge in his life. He so desperately wanted to be rid of its siren call.

I told Patrick that when I retire, I’d like to get back into research. I started my career as a medical research technician working with cytotoxic T lymphocytes at Washington U School of Medicine many years ago. However, I found myself leaving research and working for several laboratory product sales organizations. My husband is a retired VP of Regulatory Affairs from Celsis Laboratory Group.

So – what can we do to help get the heroin vaccine to clinical trials? I have met so many people over the last couple of weeks that had loved ones die from heroin overdoses or have been former users upon telling them about what happened to Patrick. If this is what I have encountered just in the last few weeks, what is happening all over the country? For Patrick’s legacy and to help end this scourge, how can we move this vaccine forward? We’re in a better position to help than most – my husband and I are very familiar with pharmaceutical/drug manufacturers, drug discovery, drug interactions, etc.

Thank you so much for all you do in this area of research.

2 thoughts on “Tragedy

    1. Kathy and I are working on a strategy to get out the word that a promising vaccine, immunization and cure, is far enough along in development to know its success is promising. Dr. Janda has the lab ready to run the study. They’re just short on funds.

      Thanks for your interest, Mary.


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